What We Do

We Expose, Acquire and Engage

How We Help You

The Business Advertising Professionals creates Advertising Solutions that drives attention and generates awareness to your brand.

The goal for every client is creating solutions that demands the focus and attention of of a targeted audience.

This is achieved through our 3 step Process of “EXPOSING, ACQUIRING AND ENGAGING.”

This process starts with Exposing your brand to a targeted audience through selected Advertising strategies

Services That Expose, Acquire and Engage

No matter what your marketing challenges are, The Business Advertising Professionals has solutions that help get your brand where you want it to be.


Your website is an active and interactive billboard for your brand.

Not all web designs are the same. You need a web design that accurately Exposes your brand, while Acquiring leads and customers. Your site should captivate and Engage with your audience to take action.  We create innovative and optimized sites that work.


Getting your brand where your audience is.

It is imperative to Expose your brand on targeted social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We create unique and targeted content that can Acquire traffic and leads, as well as Engage with your audience.


Exposing your brand through the power of digital video.

Our video marketing solutions effectively promote your brand with optimized and Engaging videos. The videos we create Expose your brand in the most captivating ways possible.  We also create Interactive videos that have user activated prompts buildinto the actual videos.


Everyone has mobile devices and read text messages 94% of the time.

SMS Text Marketing and Loyalty Programs are the most effective way to Engage with a targeted audience that already know your brand, or new to your brand.  Send targeted messages as needed for specific events, promos and other time sensitive marketing.


The content you put on the internet (and offline) is a reflection of you and your brand.

Creating and distributing content that is designed to Acquire traffic, leads and customers is how we manage content marketing. Our team reviews your content and optimizes the content for all the advertising channels that are needed.


Graphic Designing is putting your graphics into respective and targeted types of media.

What you see is sometime not what you get when it comes to your graphical design on your website and print materials. We create graphic designs that not only Expose your brand, but are Captivating and Engaging with your audience.


Not being found on Google or other search engines means- you just won’t be found online.

In order to have any online success, your website, videos, social media and others advertising needs to be properly optimized to rank on the first page of any search results page. Not ranking means your brand will be much harder to find online.


Website visitors quickly leave sites if they have questions or need help, and no one is there to answer them.

We create several types of Customer Support systems including Live Chat, Forums, Support Desks and more. You need to have a quick way for your clients and audience to reach you when they need to – not at your convenience.


Websites must be safe and secure with an SSL certificate to meet Google’s standards, as well as provide visitors trust.

Today’s internet browsers will block websites that are not secure with a valid SSL Certificate. This means having your site with the https:// in the browser address bar. We offer solutions toto get your site secured and meeting Google and other broswers’ security standards.


Email marketing is not dead, and is still a viable way to communicate with your audience.

Having secure email addresses and systems in placeis a very important of your business.

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