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“I see video as a megatrend,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, February 2017

Video has indeed become a megatrend…

At The Business Advertising Professionals, we make it much easier for your brand to reach the right audience and potential clients or customers. 

In addition, you will have complete control with all of your video marketing strategies from the beginning to the end of your project with us.

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Video Marketing is more than posting your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social sites…

Any videos you post online should clearly promote your brand and all of your products and services – with the goal of Educating your viewers, clients and customers.

In addition, today’s videos created for marketing are much more beneficial than used just for entertainment and fun.  They educate, inform and present your brand in a much more down to earth manner.

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Need Help With Video Marketing?

We are ready to help you get started or even improve your video marketing needs.

Video marketing gets you in a position to build a targeted community around all of your products, services and online content.

And, in addition to building that needed community – since video is so immediate and can be personal – you will be in a position to increase brand loyalty and trust. You do not want your target audience to dictate what your brand stands for or how your brand is viewed by the masses.

Successful brands are now seeing amazing growth using video on top Social Media platforms.

Our Video Marketing Solutions are custom created for our client’s needs. We start with designs that can be customized for the specific needs that are being targeted by our clients.  Our solutions are also built for success on the major Social Media platforms including the platforms below…


With the largest audience of all the other social media platforms, Facebook has more than 2.07 billion monthly active users. If done right – your videos will be seen and drive traffic to your website or business location.


With the most consumption of all online videos, YouTube delivers over 1 billion hours of videos daily.  In addition, YouTube is the second largest search engine – next to its parent and owner Google. 

Business owners are having phenomenal success with their videos hosted on the YouTube platform.


The thing about Instagram is that viewers gain a surreal amount of visual content – without actually having to read anything.
Instagram users gravitate to your correctly created and optimized videos on this platform.

The key is to have fun with your video marketing on this fun, yet engaging platform


Snapchat is not as “polished” as Instagram, focused on making videos off the cuff funny – yet very informative. Videos on this platform focus a lot on the humor side of getting your message out to your audience.

The key to Snapchat Video Marketing is to think outside the box using text and emoji’s with your optimized Snapchat “stories”

How Effective Is Video Marketing For Your Brand?

Video puts a human face on your brand.

The overall Effectiveness of Video Marketing can be described as a “phenomenon hitting the digital and online business world.”

If you are not engaging your audience and website visitors with video marketing – you are losing out big time to your competitors. Businesses using video saw revenue increase almost 50% faster than those businesses that did not engage their audience with videos. 

More importantly, 64% of consumers actually make a purchase after watching a “branded” video on social media.  Think about that, video views on social media platforms like Facebook have increased 258%, and on YouTube 99% – since 2017.

Our Video Marketing Solutions provide the best overall videos and optimizations that can be used on all platforms and media that you want to engage in.

Our strategic approach with Video Marketing using a multi-format marketing approach.  We believe that our approach is most crucial to the success of our clients in generating traffic, sales and profits.

Video marketing converts traffic into targeted and engaging audience actions when done correctly.  This ongoing dialog with your targeted audience show we make our video marketing solutions work for your brand.


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