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For starters – this website is actually created with WordPress!

WordPress is not just for “blogging” anymore.  Gone are the days of hiring expensive website coders and super technical people to design and launch a website.  Also, creating optimized websites from the ground up is a thing of the past.

In addition, if done correctly, a WordPress website will be Google required “Mobile Ready”, thus eliminating the need to have a separate mobile site for mobile device users.

Today, WordPress is used exclusively by several large companies, including Walt Disney, Play Station, Bloomberg Professional, Quartz and many others.  These companies can manage their own websites, once it has been professionally designed and upgraded to meet a company’s specific Branding and needs.  

Check out some of our latest Website Designs created and customized using WordPress – Our Live WordPress Web Designs.

One key reason for using WordPress, is that there are several ways to enhance a site’s functionality and design.  These enhancements come in the form of WordPress “Plugins”. Plugins are specifically created software coding that can make a site do just about anything it is needed to do.  

Therefore, The Business Advertising Professionals can create your website in less than 2 weeks and for a substantially more affordable cost.

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Our mission is to provide affordable services to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, that even the marketing "playing field" - making our clients competitive with the large and major companies.


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