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what is an automated webinar

What is an Automated Webinar | How to Run Webinars Easier

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Looking to Run Your Webinars Easier?

What is an Automated Webinar  is something we are asked many times.  Any business and marketing process that is automated saves time and money.

But, what exactly is a Webinar anyway? 

Webinars are online meetings that utilize videos or presentations to get a specific message out to groups of people at the same time.

Webinars that do not require a presentation to be live are known as or “evergreen” type webinars. These types of webinars use automation to run the entire webinar in a live and  simulated fashion.

These webinars look and feel like a live webinar due to the customization of live features that are timed and sequenced throughout the presentation.

One of the key benefits of automated webinars is the amount of time saved by the presenters and webinar organizers.

To avoid the audience feeling that they are being deceived by the presenter, automated webinars have features like live chat, attendees, and handouts.

Automated Webinars are basically simulated live webinars that run on autopilot with no host live intervention required.

The key to reaching your audience is through getting your message, training, or services out to them when, and where they are.  People are more receptive when a business respects their time when “pitching” something to them.

Way to many marketers try to market themselves at the marketers convenience. That is great for the marketer – but what about the targeted audience?

There are several important functions that come with webinars that you have automation added to. These important functions include the following:

To summarize that burning question of what is an automated webinar, think of it as a marketing and training tool . Not just any tool, but a tool that gets your message, presentation products or services out to a larger group of people at the same time.

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