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Vendor:Brett Rutecky

Product Type:Cloud Based

Webinaro Automated Webinars is a Webinar software that automates the entire webinar process.  This software exceeds just running webinar replays.

But does Webinaro actually do everything it says it can do?

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Well, we have checked under the hood of the Webinar Automated Webinars platform.  We can now professionally answer everyone’s burning question about webinars. 

That question is how to to run webinars easier.

What is a Webinar?

Webinars are a marketing and training tools. The strategy is to send a specific message out to several people at the same time. This messaging is done on a browser based interface. 

When you think of Webinars, think Zoom and similar platforms.

With Traditional webinars, the presenter needs to actually be present. In addition, the presenter has to  conduct the actual webinar from start to finish.

What is Webinaro Automated Webinars?

Webinaro automated webinars is a cloud based webinar and meeting platform.  The software uses videos as the webinar presentation. This allows your  webinars to simulate a “Live” webinar meeting.

Simulating “live” webinars is a powerful marketing tool.  Registration is used to collect email addresses that help build trust, as well as your email list.

The product creator, Brett Rutecky, also added a DFY (Done For You) feature  that adds completely created webinars straight into the dashboard.

Check out a live demo of a DFY webinar we created here:  “The Easy Way” Webinar”.

Our Webinaro Testing and Review

The first thing we noticed with Webinaro was the clean and easy to navigate dashboard that is cloud-based.  This allowed us to navigate the platform very easily and start to create a simulated webinar.

The platform has clear and straight to the point tutorials built into the dashboard to help get the first webinar started.

Basically, all we needed was a video in mp4 format to get started. The video is easily and quickly uploaded the the software server, that is used for the webinaro presentation.

There are two (2) main setting’s areas that we needed to complete,  “Signup Settings” and “Main Settings”.

The Signup Settings is where we set up a complete signup page, inclduing a headline, a “LetsMail” autoresponder email section, your signup page text and button. 

We also were able to a a Video, some footer code, and a Start Timer. The timer was used to simulate a just in time webinar started in our own desired start time.

There also is a section for adding a Facebook OG image that we used to promote the webinaro on Facebook (which was a clickable image).

The main settngs is wjere we uploaded the presenatation video, as well as a  “Call To Action” button that we were able to set to appear at a selected time during the simulated webinar.

We also had an area to add “Simulated Attendees.” 

There are two other areas including the Handouts and Chat/Question Answering – with Smart Question Filtering according to the software creator.

Our Results

We were able to have our first webinaro setup and online in less than 15 minutes.

Everything was straight forward and worked flawlessly.

We were able to see all aspects of our webinaro through the dashboard tabs for “Webinars” tab – listing all your created webinars;   :Videos” tab- shows all webinar videos in your dashboard; “Handouts” tab – shows all your handouts in the dashboard.

You can see the live webinaro we setup here: https://webinaro.us/signup/165

Our Conclusion and Recommendation

We thoroughly tested the Webinaro platform and the actual webinar we created.

We created our own webinar as well as the included DFY Webinar that actually and seamlessly automatically completed the Webinaro setup and settings itself.

Based on our first hand use and implementation of Webinaro Automated Webinars, we Highly Recommend that you get your hands on this product as soon as possible.

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