Your Audience is texting, why not you?

Since we have caught your interest, lets get you more information about this amazing Marketing Solution

No matter where you go, everyone has a mobile device and are actively reading and responding to Text Messages.  And, These messages are not just from family and friends…

Are You Using The Marketing Channel That Reaches Most People?

These are facts that can make a significant impact on any business…


Percentage of people using text on a regular basis


open rate of text messages received

Just about everyone has a phone or mobile device, and they actively use these devices each day. A lot of these moblie users are in yourtarget audience and probably do not even know about your brand, products or services.

More importantly, these mobile users all have some type of text messaging system on these devices and they actively use them.

Text messaging open rates of 98% are almost 4 times better than email open rates of only 20%

With this type of advertising power, you can nurture existing customers to come more often, and buy more products or services. Even better, you can motivate new visitors and customers to become regular customers through text messaging programs.

The best way to use Text Messaging for business use is through Loyalty Programs.

How Text Message Marketing Works

Growing Your Brand and Customer Base

Did you know that the average American spends more than 3 hours on their mobile phones and devices every day?

Really, this is true.

The best way to grow any business is through REPEAT Business and Loyal customers. They already know your business, and they already know what you offer.

Sometimes “Loyal” customers need a little incentive to visit more often.

On the other hand, New and Potential customers customers are also prime for building your business. This group needs a little more incentive to become loyal – and they respond faster to special offers and incentives.

Visitors to your business or website will respond to incentives if there is something in it for them.

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