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How to avoid getting hit by the next Google Algorithm Update

A Google Algorithm Update recently affected thousands of websites. There were significant changes to these sites traffic and search engine results.

Just like with most google algorithm updates, some sites do better, while other site see huge decreases in their SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).  It’s almost hit or miss for websites, and their ongoing battle to stay relevant in the eyes of Google and the other search engine.

Website owners are sometimes at the mercy of Google, no matter what they do with Search Engine Optimization to stay ahead of the competitors.

As the world’s largest search engine, Google controls almost all the internet search results that most people conduct every second. 

The latest Google Algorithm Update zeroed in on what the SEO community labeled as a proximity update that benefited businesses closest to the google search user.

The result is many SEO strategies must be updated. Google is clearly starting to focus on “proximity” as a top-ranking priority.

So, how is a website owner to stay ahead of upcoming google algorithm updates?

It all begins with relevant content (Content Marketing) that can acquire traffic and leads to rank higher in the SERPS.  Here’s the thing, once a website has exposed relevant content that acquired leads and customers, Google sees this as a good thing.  On a proximity and local

This is even more true if the search was proximity based as reviewed above.

According to, “Google qualifies premium content as informative, engaging, relevant, authoritative and trustworthy”.

Once relevant content gets ranked and acquires “organic” traffic, it’s imperative that the website and business owner aggressively start engaging with this traffic and leads.

Other things website owners can do is constantly analyze all aspects of your website’s performance. This allows a website owner to see what is working and what needs additional tweaking and updating. If you don’t know where to start conducting tracking and analysis, check out the SEO solutions here.

In addition, your site’s content needs constant updating with content (local based if possible), that engages with their audience for a much better user experience. Google can track all of this and rewards sites accordingly.

What’s important here is that Google will not penalize sites as much in the future that gives Google what it wants, relating to the overall user experience.

Another area that a website owner can focus on are the actual links in the website.  Internal links help promote the brand to more “relevant” content on the site. This helps website site users find what they want through internal navigation links. These users help with your Bounce rate, keeping website users on our site viewing more than the original page they landed on.

And, don’t forget about those external links. These links add credibility and trust to your site when they link to authoritative sites and content.

For more information about the latest Google algorithm updates 2019, check out the Houston SEO services here.

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