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Building Your Email List From Scratch

From Zero to Hero: Building Your Email List from Scratch

Building an email list from scratch might seem daunting, but with a well-constructed plan, you can effectively gather interested subscribers. Simply follow these steps:

1. Create a compelling offer: You need something that will entice potential subscribers to give you their email address. This can be a free e-book, access to exclusive content, a discount code, or any valuable resource related to your business.

2. Create a high-converting landing page: This page is dedicated to your offer and should explain why visitors should give you their email address. Ensure it is compelling, mobile-friendly, and contains a simple form to fill out.

3. Optimize your website: Place your offer prominently on your homepage or use pop-ups, slide-ins, header/footer bars to capture email addresses. Also, consider using exit-intent pop-ups – which appear when the user looks like they’re about to leave your webpage.

4. Leverage your social media: Promote your offer on your social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can use targeted paid advertising to reach even more potential subscribers.

5. Run contests and giveaways: People love a chance to win free stuff. Offer a prize related to your business as an incentive for people to provide their email addresses.

6. Create quality content: Regularly updating your blog or website with interesting and relevant content not only hooks your visitors but can also encourage them to subscribe to get more of such content.

7. Include ‘Forward to a Friend’ option: When sending out emails, include a ‘forward to a friend’ option. This can increase the number of people who see your email and can potentially subscribe.

8. Attend networking and industry events: Whether online or offline, these events give you an opportunity to meet potential subscribers and manually add their email addresses to your list (with their consent, of course).

9. Use traditional methods: Brick-and-mortar businesses can collect email addresses in-person, on written forms or through business cards.

10. Use website analytics: You can see which strategies or pages are driving the most sign-ups and double down on what works.

Remember, the key to growing your email list is to provide value. Make sure that subscribing to your email list provides benefits to the customer. Always get permission before adding anyone to your list to avoid getting marked as spam.

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