Email Marketing For Your Business

Email Marketing is not dead, but when used correctly – is a viable segment of your Business Marketing strategies.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still a working and viable marketing model for increasing your customer base, sales and profitability.  Like all other marketing tools, email marketing is only as effective as the person using this strategy.

The Business Advertising Professionals only works to get our client’s real results with all our email marketing solutions.  We realize that email marketing is only a portion of your marketing plans. 

We fit all are email strategies into an overall marketing solution to get your business where it needs to be.

Converting your audience into buyers is the core strategy of our EXPOSE, ENGAGE AND ACQUIRE business and operating philosophy.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels of inbound marketing, according to

Even with the importance of Social Media and Video Marketing – email marketing is still one of the most desired strategies for business promotions, engaging with new visitors, and acquiring new leads, clients and customers.

At the Business Advertising Professionals – we only send and recommend sending emails from your direct website server using approved email software.  This ensures that your emails will be secure, but also keeps you in full control of all aspects of your email marketing.

Your email marketing should also be set up for automation.  This is critical to your time management of your overall marketing strategy.  You DO NOT need to sit in front of your computer sending out emails when all of your email marketing can be done automatically, and in advance.

Why should you use professional email marketing – over 97% of Businesses use email marketing to CONVERT email recipients into buyers. 

Why You Need To Start Or Improve Your Email Marketing

Check out some facts about why email marketing is important…


    Email marketing has a potential return of 44$ for every $1 spent or an ROI of 4400%. (Campaign Monitor)


    Email (59%) is the top ROI driver for U.S. marketers. Others are social media (21%), display ads (15%), video (5%), and mobile/SMS (1%). (Campaign Monitor)


    The best day for highest email open rates is Thursday (18.6%) while for the highest click-to-open rates it is Saturday (14.5%). (Campaign Monitor)

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We work to combine design, consulting, social media, SEO and video marketing with professional and deep;y customized solutions to help you Engage, Expose and Acquire new customers and prospects.
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