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Can You Really Edit Almost ANY Web Page On The Internet?

Creating and editing web pages is not an easy task, especially if you do not know coding. Using web page designers like WordPress, etc are helpful.

But, what if you wanted to edit web pages online without coding, as well as editing other’s web pages – even those that you do not even have access to those respective page editors?

Today, we are reviewing cloud based software from Brett Rutecky – that claims to let you edit virtually any web page, even if you do not own those pages.

What is Changio Web Page Editor?

According to the product creator, Changio lets you “edit virtually any web page on the internet with ease (even pages you don’t own)”.

The software also claims to edit such web pages in 3 easy steps.

How does this software really work?

We took an intense look inside this software and discovered that the claims by the product creator were  backed up by an actual demonstration. You can see that actual demo below.

But, we wanted to verify the claims and demo to see for ourselves is it really possible to edit virtually any web pages including those you don not even own.

Our Changio Testing and Review

Changio is cloud-based software that works on any computer – PC and Macs.  There is nothing to install as everything is included inside the Member’s area.

Getting around the Member’s Area is relatively easy as there are only 5 tabs needed to operate Changio.

The Changio Member's Area

Navigating around Changio Member's Area was very easy to get started adding and editing applicable web pages.

When we got started with our first “Changio”, we followed the tutorials with the goal of showing the three (3) steps highlighted in Changio’s documents and sales page.

STEP 1: we entered the URL for the web page we wanted to edit. The tutorials stated that some web pages do not allow the Changio software to pull the page’s data into the software. This happened on Yahoo.com, cnn.com and other major sites.  You will know this because as you begin to edit the page, you’ll get an error “Can’t load this page!”

However, we found a work around by copying and pasting the respective’s page code right into Changio’s edit screen – thus pulling the page’s content into the software.

Step 2:  This is where we were able to start editing and customizing the page we pulled into Changio. We were able to do quite a few things – almost making someone else’s page our own page.  We also were able to add new elements to the page, in addition to changing the logo, menu links, images, fonts, layouts and much more.

Step 3: This is where we actually published the updates to our changio’ed page and made the site live.  There were options to use the provided hosting for the page – but we decided to have the page under our own domain.  You can actually download your new page as a file. And, there is a special code that you can add to the page that automatically updates any changes on that page – when edited inside the Changio editor. 

Our Results

We created several pages using other people’s web pages as a template. Changio worked very well.

We did notice that you need to add some small coding to make the page look better. These included basic coding like (<b>) bold; <br> new line, etc.

But, everything worked as described in the above video from the product creator.

Our Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have ever run across a web page, sales page, etc. that you wanted your own page(s) to look like, then we highly recommend Changio Web Page Editor.

Changio is very simple to use – but is packed with powerful features that allows you to re-create web pages on the fly. The different ways to publish your new page(s) is one of the best features of this software.  

Our recommendation is based on the following:

  • Cloud-based app – access from any device and you don’t need to download anything
  • 100% easy to use, especially for people that are new to web page editing, as well as experienced programmers that need a quick edit of a page.
  • Effective and Saves Money – no need to buy several different software and hosting to have web pages online
  • One time payment  – no monthly fees ever.


Our Changio RATING

Easy To Use
Price and Value
Product Creator

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