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Your Business – Your Brand! What’s the first impression your website visitors see when they visit your site?

Your website is your brand’s digital Billboard or Business Card!  Your site’s appearance and functionality is exactly how visitors see and will remember you and your business.

Exposing, Engaging and Acquiring…

We are the Houston, TX Best Website Design company for a reason…

Three important Marketing terms describe what the Business Advertising Professionals does for our clients – that get results!

You have to be in the best position to EXPOSE your brand to your targeted audience.

You also have to efficiently and professionally ENGAGE with not only your targeted audience, but anyone that see’s your online presence.

And finally, you must ACQUIRE leads, clients and customers from your precise engagment with them.

Do You Need Professional Website Help?

First Impressions Really Matter

Earning the trust of your website visitors and audience starts as soon as people land on your website and home page for the first time.

Here’s something to think about – visitors WILL NOT trust your brand based on their first impression of just how your site looks to them when they land on the site. As a matter of fact – Google’s own research found that pwebsite viewers form an opinion with the first 50 ms of exposure to your site.  

If your site looks boring, outdated, spammy, your site will actually discourage viewers from going any further with your brand – and continue searching on Google (or other search engines) for the next site that meets their visual and functional standards.

2.6 Seconds Is All It Takes

Research has found that “it takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the area of a website that most influences their first impression.”    

We understand the importance of a website’s First Impressions – and only  design sites that are up to date and optimized, as well as are visually appealing.

About The Business Advertising Professionals

We are a team of professional marketing and online specialists based in the Houston, TX area. We help small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals keep up with the name brand and deep-pocketed business in the competitive marketing space.

We work to combine design, consulting, social media, SEO and video marketing with professional and deep;y customized solutions to help you Engage, Expose and Acquire new customers and prospects.
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