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Who Are We?

We are the Business Advertising Professionals

As a leading Houston Web Design Agency, the agency was founded in 2009 by Barry S. McCoy. We originally starting out as a small web design company.  BizAdPros.com was a spin-off from the original web hosting company called UR4Hosting.com.

The initial mission was to help the growing number of small business owners that were struggling to market themselves online and compete with the deep pocket large companies. 

Being a former restaurant Franchise owner himself, Barry clearly understood the problems that small business owners face every day.  And with the imminent growth of what was then this world wide web called the “internet”, specialized services for small business owners was even more needed.

Today, that same idea of helping small business owners is still the mission of The Business Advertising Professionals.  Now, we take helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to an even higher level.

Having an internet presence is critical, but there are several other strategies that must be incorporated into any marketing plan.  Your business needs to stand out from the crowd if your brand is even found online.

Our focus today is based on our 3 Step Process that formulate an entire marketing plan for any business.  Those keys are:


We custom create all projects by implementing solutions that Expose your brand online in all the major areas, including Social Media. If your brand is not Exposed where your potential traffic is, you won’t see much results at all.

Our maximum effort Exposure system is geared towards Acquiring traffic that converts to leads, customer and clients. Plans that are not geared towards acquiring traffic is very useless and a huge waste of your time and money.

The final part of our exclusive three-pronged strategy is properly Engaging with all the new traffic, leads, customers and clients.

You see, once your brand acquired traffic and leads from the effective exposure, it’s critical that you properly engage all the time at this point.

Our 3-Step Process



Getting your site Exposed online and where the people are is the first step we do on our projects. Your exposure can be via a optimized Website, Social Media, Videos, optimized Content and Email Marketing.



Once we get your site Exposed online, this step involves Acquiring leads, customers, clients and sales from all the optimized  exposure in place. Everything Acquired from our Exposure methods id driven by Step 3 in the process.



This step is where everything comes together to get the desired results from all the efforts combined.  Consistent Engagement through videos, Social Media, email marketing and other services keeps your brand front of mind.

Why choose us?

Our customized designs are created to Expose, Acquire and Engage with the traffic generated from our plans.

We provide several ways to contact us 24/7. Our responsive team of consultants help you determine what needs to happen to get you moving in the direction needed to be successful.

We provide Fast Respones to all requests received from clients, as well as people online that want us to help them.

We generally don’t pursue every company that contacts us for help. The clients we contract with are those that share our values. We believe in Teams and a strong committment to communication and followup. 

We have the do whatever it take mentality.  We also won’t try to sell you the latest and greatest ways to improve your marketing and brand awareness.  

What we do is listen to your business problems from yourpoint of view, and only offer solutions that deal with the REAL problems, and not Symptoms of the problems.

Our goal is to listen more than we talk with all our clients and prospects.  We involve our clients in all phases of the project to completion.

Our Team, led by Barry McCoy, has over 40 combined years experience in digital marketing and customer service. Our team has experience in all areas of digital marketing.

The Business Advertising Professionals

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