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6 Exciting Instagram Promotion Ideas You Should Definitely Try In Your Next Campaign | Online Sales Guide Tips

6 Exciting Instagram Promotion Ideas You Should Definitely Try In Your Next Campaign | Online Sales Guide Tips

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Time to upgrade your Instagram promotion efforts?

Making an impact on Instagram is one of the most valuable ways to boost your online presence. Instagram crushed the 1 billion global user mark in 2020 and continues to capture the attention of customers all over the globe today. It’s the place where customers go to research new products and services and is one of the top social media platforms for brand interaction.

Of course, if you want to see amazing Instagram engagement from your campaigns, you’re going to need the right promotion strategies to help you stand out from the competition.

If you’re struggling to connect with your customers in an increasingly cluttered social media marketplace, don’t panic. Here are some great promotional ideas to try in your next campaign.

1. Boost Your Post

Boosting a post on Instagram essentially means turning your existing content into a paid ad. When you boost a post, Instagram helps you to get that content to your target audience, raising your chances of conversions. Instagram even allows companies to boost posts with product tags.

To boost a post:

Boosted posts are an engaging way to improve your chances of the right content connecting with the correct people. They’re not as intrusive as a regular ad, and they give your brand the awareness and conversion opportunities it needs.

2. Run A Contest Or Giveaway

There are few things better than contests and giveaways for improving Instagram engagement. Contests are a subtle form of Instagram promotion because they don’t look like traditional ads, but they still help you to capture audience interest and get people talking about your company. Brands that run contests achieve 70% faster growth than those that don’t.

So, how do you run a contest successfully?

When someone does win your competition, make sure to follow up with them and ask for pictures of them with their winnings. This makes for an excellent Instagram story. Remember to use a great visual to advertise your contest, too, like Birchbox does here:

3. Post A Coupon Or Discount

Perhaps the only thing customers love more than the opportunity to get something for free, is the chance to save some extra cash. Posting a discount or exclusive coupon for your Instagram followers is a great way to get them excited about your brand. There are a ton of ways to use this Instagram promotion method correctly, such as:

4. Cross-Promote

Producing amazing Instagram content to capture new followers and gain attention from fans takes a lot of work. The effort involved in Instagram content creation shouldn’t be limited exclusively to your Instagram page. Why not promote yourself across other environments too?

You can cross-promote your content in a range of different ways to improve brand awareness and increase your chances of conversions such as:

Cross-promotion instantly improves your chances of reaching new customers in a range of different environments.

5. Explore User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the best ways to improve your Instagram promotion efforts. Unlike content created by your company, user-generated content immediately connects with your target audience, building social proof and brand credibility. Clients love to see other people using your products and services.

The best way to access user-generated content is to:

Lush’s #LushCommunity is an excellent example of how UGC strategies can work.

6. Brand Collaborations

Finally, customers aren’t the only people you can collaborate with when you’re growing your Instagram presence. It’s also worth looking into partnerships with other, like-minded brands. Brand collaborations involve two companies coming together to deliver new benefits for their target audience.

For instance, when Ben and Jerrys joined forces with @blkandbold, @solacilike, and @mvmnt4blklives they created a brand-new ice cream flavor and got their customers talking by supporting an important movement. When choosing your brand collaborations remember:

Find A New Method Of Instagram Promotion

There are tons of ways to promote your Instagram account and earn new followers. With the tips above, you should have everything you need to revamp your campaign and get your customers excited about your content again. Remember to pay attention to your marketing analytics to determine which of your campaign efforts are having the best results.

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