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Are you really ready for Mobile Marketing?

Thinking about taking your business into Mobile Marketing? You need to really understand what you should do, as well as knowing several things you should not be doing…   Top do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing – Mobile Marketer – Strategy “Nowadays, marketers are constantly looking at ways to implement mobile into their efforts to […]

Mobile Marketing into diverse populations segments is huge…

Mobile Marketing by the Hispanic Population is a major segment that local business owners need to market to. Mobile Marketing: Hispanics adopt new shopping technologies at a faster rate … Portada Magazine “”Basic mobile communication through SMS and mobile websites should be the points of entry. Mobile marketing to multicultural shoppers is a huge opportunity,” […]

Business Owners Need to Understand the Power of Text Advertising

  Understanding the importance of Text/SMS message advertising required   Ofcom Suggests Businesses Still Don't Understand the Importance of Text Sacramento Bee "We know that, whether businesses have a mobile strategy or not, there will always be a place for opt-in bulk SMS within the marketing mix, as a personal communication tool, sales or promotion […]

Not Using Mobile Marketing Yet

Small Business Owners, be warned – if you are not using Mobile Marketing, you are not reaching the potential 80% of users using smartphones and mbile devices! [imaioVideo v=2]