Case Studies

The mandatory introduction of the Facebook Timeline heralds some far reaching alterations, not only in the way Facebook pages will look but also the manner in which you interface with Facebook itself.

This brief guide illustrates how some big brands utilize the new Timeline page layout to promote their products and services.

Initially, let’s illustrate the major changes. A typical page which used to look like this:

Will now look like this:

The Major Changes

When you now Create A Page on Facebook, you automatically create a mandatory Timeline page and you have the option of only using this page to promote your brand or business. Regardless if you have an externally stored custom page, this Timeline page becomes your  default landing page in response to the User Name you create for your page.

Many people will find it sufficient to use only the Timeline page and it is very easy to set up this page. This manual describes and illustrates how you can best use the Timeline page.

However, you still retain the option of presenting a custom page stored on an external hosting account but this page can only be accessed from Custom Tabs displayed on your Timeline page.

Let me summarize the new structure of your Facebook account.

  1. You acquire a Personal Profile page when your open your Facebook account and you can use the “wall” attached to your profile for personal interaction with friends.
  2. You can Create A Page to promote your brand or business. This process creates a default Timeline page. You assign a User Name to this page which becomes the access URL of your page. For example, people can access this page with a URL in the format
  3. On your Timeline page, you can place Custom Tabs which serve as links to any externally stored page or pages. With Timeline, these pages can now be presented as full size web pages with a width of 810 pixels.

The Timeline Page

The Timeline page has an entirely new look and provides a new interface for customizing the way posts, photos, videos and apps are presented. You can use this page alone to promote your brand or business. Let’s look at a few examples that show how people or organizations promote their brand.

In the examples shown, notice the creative use of:

  • A large cover photo
  • A profile picture situated in the lower, left corner of the cover photo.
  • An “About” box in which you can introduce your product or service. It is shown below the profile picture.
  • Custom tabs that provide access to photos, videos and custom apps that provide interaction and engagement with fans.

Coca Cola

In the section below the cover photo, notice how Coca-Cola provides links to Photos and some 10 custom apps which all promote interaction and engagement. The Custom Tabs that link to these apps and pages all become visible when you click the arrow on the right-hand side of the custom tabs.

Red Bull

The Red Bull page shows a particularly creative use of the Timeline concept. Again, we see several Custom Tabs which links to applications that provide user engagement.

The Timeline itself, extends back several years and you can see the all the posts made in previous years by scrolling down the page. You can also go directly to a particular year by clicking the menu listing on the right-hand side of the page.

Individual Timeline Pages

This page was designed by a graphic artist and is clearly use to promote himself as an individual. Notice the creative use of photos and the Custom Tab which links to the Facebook map application.

Should you wish to see more creative examples, just Google “Facebook Timeline Examples”.