About Us

The Internet has changed everything and Business Owners are facing many challenges to find the best way to get their “BRAND” out there and to communicate with their customers and prospects alike.

As the use of smartphones and mobile devices are overtaking desktop computers, small business owners need to adapt their internet strategies with a focus on mobile optimized websites.

The Business Advertising Professionals are a Professional Marketing and Consulting Agency that helps small business owners navigate through the Internet Marketing Universe.

Our Goal is to guarantee that our clients have the best tools and strategies to help them better position themselves in front of the masses.

Founded in  2009 by Barry McCoy, the BizAdPros was originally created to help local business owners increase their local online presence.

Today, The Business Advertising Professionals continues to helps business owners maximize their exposure through the best and most innovative strategies focusing on three key marketing areas to help business owners:

  1. Expose
  2. Engage
  3. Acquire

In addition, The Business Advertising Professionals helps business owners increase CASH FLOW AND SALES by introducing a unique Return on Investment online program to help business owners see how changes we suggest can increase the return on investment.  Check your ROI now!

About Us