Mobile Marketing is surpassing the main advertising methods

Mobile Marketing is now poised to surpass the main advertising vehicles and methods including email, direct mail, coupons and others.

Consumers are now turning to their mobile devices more often to make everyday purchasing decisions. Not only because it is convenient to do so, but also because people are learning to use their smartphones beyond simple text messaging. Most people have their phones within arm’s length every hour of the day, and some would definitely feel lost without it.

Business owners that do take advantage of mobile marketing are capitalizing on some critical marketing strategies including:

  • Creates an immediate response by the consumer
  • Allows the business owner to have a more personalized customer management system
  • Provides clear and definitive tracking and list building
  • Allows a business owner to target select customers and prospects at any desired time

There are almost 5 billion mobile users globally and growing at an incredible rate everyday!

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